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How to Make an RV Dinette More Comfortable? (4 Methods)


by Yessenia Blanda

/ fact checked by Sam Howard

how to make an rv dinette more comfortable

Traveling cross-country could become less enjoyable and more stressful when you can’t sleep comfortably in your RV. Since not everyone may fit inside the master bedroom, some may have to make do with a converted RV table to bed.

We’ll share how to make an RV dinette more comfortable for a good night’s rest. You might not know that reinforcing the base of the dinette can contribute to its comfort. You will also learn some DIY tips on replacing an upholstered cushion.

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Ways to Make an RV Dinette More Comfortable


Method 1: Reinforce the dinette base

Some dinette seats have springs as the base, which may not offer much support. Others may have plywood, but due to its usual wear and tear, you may have to replace them.


By installing fitted plywood as extra support, we can make the RV dinette bed more comfortable.

What to prepare:

  • Plywood – ¼ inch thick would be enough in most cases
  • Cordless drill
  • Screws
  • Tape measure
  • Remove the cushion and measure the dimensions of the seats you need to reinforce.
  • Have the plywood cut at the hardware or home depot based on the dimensions you measured.
  • Install it on the seat base and, using the cordless drill, fix it in place.

Method 2: Replace the cushions


Due to their age, some cushions may be so soft or saggy that they cannot support the seat anymore. Buying from the manufacturer may be the easiest thing you can do, and it ensures that the cushions would fit properly to your camper table bed.

Most cushions come with zipper openings, so you could easily replace their foam. If that is not an option, like when your cushion is upholstered, you may want to consider these DIY dinette bed cushion replacement tips.

What to prepare:

  • Replacement cushion foam – you can have it cut at the store according to the size of your previous cushion
  • Upholstery fabric
  • ¼ inch plywood
  • Staple gun
  • ⅜ – ½ inch staples
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Measure the dimensions of your cushion to determine the size of the plywood. Your plywood must be 2 inches shorter on both the cushion’s length and width.

Example: If your cushion is 15 by 30 inches, your plywood should be 13 by 28 inches.

  • Center your plywood on the cushion, measure around it, and add 4 inches on both its length and width for the measurement of the fabric.

Example: If the measurement around the cushion is 20 by 35 inches, your fabric should be 24 by 39 inches.

  • Fold the edge of the fabric by half an inch and staple it on the plywood. Staple the fabric nicely every 1 to 2 inches, and make sure that the staple is deeply attached to the wood.

Do it one side at a time and finish it on its corners.

Method 3: Add a mattress topper

If your cushions are still good enough, but you still want to make your camper bed more comfortable, you can just add an RV dinette mattress topper.

Memory foam toppers are the most common choice when selecting a cushioned RV dinette bed topper since they provide greater relief by adjusting to your body shape.

Method 4: Use a mattress


If you are still having some discomfort, you can always use a mattress on your RV. However, you may have to make your RV table more sturdy since it might be supporting added weight from the mattress.

Another drawback to this option is storage since you don’t have that much space in an RV.

You may also need an RV dinette bed extension, because, as discussed later in the article, limited mattress sizes could fit on the common RV dinette bed plans.



How do RV dinette cushions stay in place?

Dinette cushions are usually held in place by Velcro attached to the seat. However, these could still move up to 3 inches, which could sometimes be a little annoying.

You can use an anti-slip shelf liner that you can sew on the cushion itself or place it right above the surface of your dinette seats or table.

These could hold the cushions in place, whether you sit while dining or sleep on the RV dinette conversions.

What size sheets fit a camper dinette?

There are different sizes of RVs, so you would expect that the space inside for a camper dinette bed would also differ.

Moreover, RV dinettes come in different sizes of mattresses. Depending on the make and model of your RV, sheets for RV dinette bed sizes vary, so you may want to measure its dimensions to be sure.

The Twin or Twin XL mattress size can fit into the U-Shaped Dinette or Dinette XL, usually 45” by 82”.

Also, the standard RV booth dimensions range from 60” to 80” wide and 40” to 48” deep. So those two mattresses above sizes may be your only choices for your RV dinette bed sheets.

Can you add bunk beds to an RV?

Adding bunk beds can make your RV more comfortable since you can have additional space for overnight guests. It can also serve as extra storage for your mattress and bed sheets when you are not using them during the day.

  • Make sure you would stay within the maximum allowed weight of your RV with the addition of bunk beds. You should also consult your RV warranty provider before making these changes to your vehicle.
  • If you want to make your RV bunk beds more comfortable, you can always pad the bed frame using blankets or foam pads.


A camper’s life in an RV should always be enjoyable and relaxing. You may need to tweak the strength of your dinette’s base or replace its cushions. You can also have a mattress and a topper with simple steps such as choosing the right RV dinette mattress size and installing it.

It’s all worth it since that is how to make an RV dinette more comfortable.

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