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How to Remove Old Caulking From Travel Trailer? | 6 Steps


by Yessenia Blanda

/ fact checked by Sam Howard

how to remove old caulking from travel trailer

Having a caulk is the best way to keep your RV clean and debris free. Around windows, doors, pipes, siding, and other fixtures, caulk is used to seal joints and fill crevices. It is because caulking is a type of sealing material that protects the vehicle from possible leakage that might pass from wall to another, like air and water.

However, removing RV caulking is necessary for replacing it with a new and effective product. It is to keep your RV protected against various elements.

So the question you’d be asking is “How to remove old caulking from travel trailer”?

Well I got you covered. Here’s a detailed guide that you can easily follow.

What to Prepare to Remove RV Caulking

First, we need to prepare the things we will need in removing old caulk. It includes the following:


  • Gloves
  • Calk Removal Tool
  • Caulk Removal Solution
  • Caulk Remover
  • Cleaner and sponge
  • Heat gun
  • Paint brush or foam brush

Detailed Steps for Easy Caulk Removal

  • Step #1 First of all, you must wear gloves before cleaning and removing the caulk. This will ensure that you can keep your hands clean and free from chemicals.
  • Step #2 To remove old sealant, apply the caulk remover and leave it in the caulk for a few hours. For better results, leave the caulk remover overnight.


The product to remove RV sealant is specially made to remove caulks or sealants from the interior and exterior surfaces of a caravan. Hence, placing it in the caulk overnight will ease the job of removing RV roof sealant or exterior windows in your RV.

  • Step #3 After leaving the caulk overnight or for a few hours, the caulk will naturally fall off in strips. However, some excesses cannot be removed with the remover alone.


That is when a remover tool is needed. Experts in removing window sealant use a calk removal tool like a knife or blade to lose the caulk.

Gently and carefully scrape the sealant to remove excess caulk in the RV. Be careful not to damage the windows and surfaces of the RV.

  • Step #4 Once done scraping the RV trim sealant, you can now clean the caravan and remove silicone caulk that is scattered around the caravan. Wash it using a cleaner and sponge.

This way, the area around where the caulk was removed will be clean and you will not see or get distracted by any dirt in front of you. You will also be able to see what areas need extra brushes and cleaning.

  • Step #5 After cleaning the scrapped caulk, use a caulk removal solution to clean the surface further. Using a solution will kill the molds and mildew and will prevent your RV from becoming smelly.


Mix a ⅓ cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water to form a removal solution. Mix well and spray or brush on the gap where the caulk was removed. Let it sit again a few minutes before rinsing it.

  • Step #6 Rinse the area with water and use a rag to completely dry it. Once dry, you can now put on your new sealant to protect the interior and exterior of your recreational vehicle.


Tips for Removing Old Caulk From Travel Trailer

  • It will be hard to remove proflex RV sealant, so using a heat gun to remove caulk is necessary.
  • For Removing RV roof sealant or window caulk that are stubborn, you can also use chemicals to soften them. Mix water and vinegar and apply onto the old caulk, then wait for a few hours; you can now easily take off the softened sealant.
  • For non-acrylic water-based caulk, it is best to place dampened cloth onto it for 3 – 4 days before removing it.
  • Before applying a new caulk, make sure that the area is clean and you remove old exterior caulk. This way the sealant you will apply will adhere to it.


Do you need to remove old caulking before applying new one?

Yes. If you apply the new caulk to the old caulking, it will not adhere to the area you want to seal. Removing the old caulk will make the new caulk stick to the area tightly.

What is the easiest way to move out old caulking?

Removing the old caulking might take a lot of your time. That is why, we suggest that you use a caulk remover and caul removal tool. Let the caulk remover stay in it overnight.

This will soften the caulk and make it easier to remove. But if there are still caulk in the area, you may use a caulk removal tool like knife and blade to scrape the caulk away.


Even the best caulking can become stained or lose its seal with time. Many home improvement tasks, including setting up new fixtures or tiling, may require removing old caulk from fiberglass RV and from exterior windows first. Even though it may take some time, the process is worthwhile.

Not only will it keep the seal tight to your RV, but also, knowing how to remove old caulking from travel trailer will allow you to protect your caravan and enjoy your camping.

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