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How to Remove Propane Tank From RV Safely? – 5 Steps


by Yessenia Blanda

/ fact checked by Sam Howard

how to remove propane tank from rv

Without electricity, a propane tank for trailer is necessary for cooking and heating, and it also runs our RV fridge and other appliances.

When empty or damaged, an RV propane tank should be removed for safety purposes. Doing so needs professional help or extensive knowledge of removing a camper van propane tank.

All you need to do is turn it off first before removing the regulators connected to it. Then remove the tank and place it somewhere safe.

Read this guide on how to remove propane tank from RV below for more details.

Step-by-Step Propane Tank Removal

A trailer propane tank can be removed safely and efficiently when you have steps to follow.

Step 1: Before doing anything, it is best to disconnect the latch and turn the lid open. Once open, you can unscrew a propane tank from the cover by turning it counterclockwise until it comes off. After that, you can remove RV propane tank cover from it.


Step 2: Now that the cover is removed, you can remove it from the grill. But, in order to ensure safety, you have to find two parts from grill. These are the tank valve and the regulator.


  • Just like a water faucet, a propane tank has a valve that you use when you turn on and off the tank. It controls the flow of the propane when turned.
  • Aside from that, a regulator is also necessary to control the amount of propane that comes from the tank going to the appliances that need it.

Step 3: Before you disconnect a propane tank from anything, ensure that the regulator switch is closed. What you can do is turn the regulator switch off the empty tank. You can turn it clockwise or go to the right.


If you have a dual tank, following dual tank propane regulator instructions is imperative. You can also turn the regulator switch off the empty tank and switch propane tanks on RV by switching it to the full tank.

Step 4: Once we’re done with the regulator, we can fully detach the propane tank from RV by turning off the tank valve.


Most propane tanks have valves in front of the tank for easy reach. Twisting the valve to the right or going clockwise will turn the tank valve off. Twist the valve until it tightens up. Once tight enough, it means that the tank is already closed.

If it’s closed, twist the gas line until it’s disconnected from the propane tank. You can twist it until it’s loose and safely remove it.

Step 5: After the horizontal propane tank RV is disconnected from the camper van, you can now take it off the grill. Simply pull it out of the grill carefully.


Then, bring it to the nearest refilling station to replace or fill it up.

Removing a propane tank from RV requires extensive care since doing so is quite dangerous. If you need a video to follow in removing the tank, this video from YouTube is a big help.

Can Propane Be Removed From a Propane Tank?


Do you wish to refill or replace the propane tank already but there is still propane left? Well, yes. You can remove it by transferring it to another tank.

However, doing this should not be done without professional guidance as it is dangerous. This may cause fire and hazardous effects on people around it.

To transfer propane from one tank to another, it needs a temperature gradient. Also, one tank must be cooler and hotter than the other.

Helpful Tips
  • In detaching the gas line from the propane tank, ensure that it will not be damaged and broken. Hence, be careful in removing it.
  • Avoid knocking out the tank once you pull it out of the grill. Be careful not to drop it as well.
  • Once you fill propane tank on RV, make sure that you connect propane tank to the RV securely before you turn on propane in RV.
  • Make sure to empty the RV propane tank before transporting or disposing of it. You can do so by connecting the tank to a propane-powered appliance.
  • RV propane tank replacement is necessary every twelve years to ensure that the tank you have is safe to use and conveniently functions. Doing so will prevent you from possible risks as well.


Removing a propane tank for refill and replacement must be done safely and efficiently. That is why reading instructions and proper guidance are deemed necessary in doing this.

As we show how to remove propane tank from RV, you will no longer worry about how to do it properly. Amongst all this, what you must prioritize is safety. So if you are unsure of what you are doing, seek professional help.

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